Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well it started in October of last year when we were going on vacation and I had to have a haircut!!!!!!! Anyway needless to say I got a stylist that hadnt been cutting hair for long and my hair ended up lopsided so I went back the next day after my husband complained!!! So then there were two hairstylist cutting my hair and it was worse!!!!!!UGH!!!!!! Anyhow I went on vacay with a messed up haircut so I had it cut there, it had to be cut real short so that it would even look normal! So then I let it grow out and it started looking shaggy and well I hated it! I decided to go get my haircut yesterday and just had it cut shorter, short in the back and sordof long in front so that I can give it a spikey look! I LOVE IT!!! So my husband is complaining about it now and hates it!!! Its my hair!!!! Not his! he dont have to fix it everyday! I do! he says its not attractive to him! he didnt fall in love with my hair, he fell in love with my heart I hope!!!! So there is my frustration for today! Whats your comment??????